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About the company

Realty Trends, LLC is a realtors-only full service real estate brokerage. As a brokerage, we believe that the best way to serve our customers is through honest and knowledgeable realtors, which is why we hire only professionals. We know that, as a brokerage, we need to provide realtors with tools and services to empower them to reach and help more customers.

Why Realty Trends?

We provide our realtors with the best tools and local knowledge.
Better services

We only hire professional realtors. This means no more part time agents. The result is a higher standard of service for you.

More accurate prices

We specialize in neighborhood real estate analyses that will translate to more accurate prices. This is critical in both buying and selling a home.

Greater efficiency

Each one of our realtors has access to neighborhood level real estate trends reports. This allows us to reduce guess work, resulting in a quicker decision for you.

Our Background

Realty Trends, LLC was formed in May of 2011 by three hard-working individuals, with combined experience in the IT, sales services, and real estate industries. The three initially met as key players at the largest insurance lead aggregation company in United States. One of our founders began his career working in a family owned business and continued on to become a successful sales executive at a very successful internet company. Another founder, a licensed realtor, came to America alone, with $1000 borrowed from relatives. He eventually worked his way up to be in charge of a company’s entire software development team, and to help grow the same company from a 5 million dollar revenue to what would become a 100 million revenue, within 7 years. Our third founder specializes in all things technology, and brings valuable expertise and knowledge to the team.

Our Core Values

At our core, Realty Trends values Integrity, Knowledge and a Heart to Serve. We want to ensure that all our realtors to do their best to serve you and to serve their local communities.

Our Mission

Realty Trends, LLC is dedicated to create a platform that benefits both the consumers and realtors.