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Experience + Data Analysis = Advantage

When one of our founders became interested in real estate around 2008/2009 there were two problems:
1. It was hard to determine which neighborhood to invest in.
2. After deciding on a neighborhood, it was difficult to find a good agent.

Thus Realty Trends, LLC was formed and was dedicated to help consumers. Before we became a brokerage, we were consumers. We created a platform to help experienced realtors gain and share local knowledge.

For Sellers and Buyers

We know that buying or selling your home can be a difficult task, which is why we have all the data you will need to make informed decisions.
Dedicated realtors

Realty Trends realtors are highly experienced professionals. Our realtors are selected using a strict screening process. All of our licensed agents are full-time realtors. There are many good non-realtor agents, but 98% of the top performers are realtors. All of our realtors go through a mandatory ethics training class. No matter how the market behaves, you want to have experience on your side – always.

More accurate listing prices

Realty Trends realtors use a more accurate pricing model. Because we specialize in neighborhood data analysis, we have what we call 3 dimensional pricing models. We not only do comparable market analysis, but we also correlate property price with historical neighborhood trends. We then confirm all of our findings based on expert experience.

Efficiency for buyers

Realty Trends realtors can save you time while buying property. When you are buying property in a large area, our neighborhood based data analysis will be tremendously helpful. For example, say you would like to know what the average percentage you can expect to negotiate should be. This information is just a click away! If you would like to know the average number of days that properties stay on the market for a given neighborhood, we have got you covered.

Peace of mind for sellers

Selling a property can be a roller coaster ride. When selling a property, accurate pricing is critical. Other important aspects include curb appeal, staging, screening buyers, taking pictures, and marketing. With Realty Trends realtors, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We will use our data and our experience to serve you in order to get the best price with the smoothest possible transaction.

Knowledge is power

Realty Trends realtors are more knowledgeable. We have approximately 20 different reports for each neighborhood. Buying or selling a property is very emotionally driven, so being able to make decisions based on actual data is necessary.

Negotiation advantages

Realty Trends realtors have more negotiation power. Because we have data, we can use it to our advantage. We have many success stories. As anyone would agree, it is hard to argue with numbers. Realty Trends realtors have access to all agents’ transaction histories. We can easily pull a seller’s agent transaction history in order to get a sense of who we are working with. It is always nice to be familiar with your competition.

More time to serve you

Realty Trends realtors have more time to focus on you. We provide excellent services to our realtors. For example, our realtors do not need to worry about building websites themselves or about hiring programmers to do so. Our communication tools make it effortless for our realtors to keep their clients informed about anything regarding real estate. Our lead generation tools will allow our realtors to increase their sphere of influence, thereby saving time which they can then use to find their next customer. We provide all of this to ensure that our realtors are able to do what they do best – provide you with the highest possible quality of service.

Team work

Realty Trends realtors are part of one big team. Realty Trends has built a foundation that encourages our realtors to share their knowledge. So, by using Realty Trends, you are not simply working with just one realtor. As a company, we believe in individuals helping one another out, and we reward such efforts. We encourage our realtors to be experts in the different neighborhoods that they are familiar with.


There are many other details our realtors will provide you with, such as electronic contracts, solar powered arm signs, etc.