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Maximize Your BUYING POWER by choosing to work with your local market expert empowered with advanced neighborhood trend data and years of experience.


Your local market experts, empowered by advanced technology, neighborhood trend data and years of experience, guide you to realize the OPTIMAL Return on Your Biggest Investment.


By combining your experience, with our advanced neighborhood trend data, high-tech platforms, and all inclusive services, YOU can standout as the Local Market Expert.


Jane Doe
I should have listened to my Realty Trends Realtor at the end of 2010 when he suspected the real estate was at the bottom. I should have listened to him and bought several condos at $30,000 a piece! But I am glad I listened to him in 2012 when he told me the market was about to take off. My Realty Trends realtor is one of the most knowledgeable Realtors that I have found. Now they have about twenty different reports for every neighborhood and they can even redefine the neighborhood boundary to make it more accurate. The reports are ranging from days on the market, price changes, sold price to asking price ratio, and serveral other informative reports. These reports are amazingly helpful. Most importantly I can totally trust him to put my interests above his own.

Hunter M., Stapleton
John Doe
I am a retired realtor and when I decided to sell my house I knew it would be hard to decide on a price because of my smaller gated community without a lot of comparable homes. Before I listed my house we hired an appraiser to help determine the value of my house. The appraiser came back with a suggested price $450,000 based on the limited comparable homes. I asked my realtor from Realty Trends and their model came back suggesting $495,000, based on surrounding neighborhood appreciation. Then my realtor, based on his experience, suggested we try $515,000. The first day we received a cash offer at $511,000. Just four months earlier a similar house with a finished basement sold for $430,000. I am glad I chose the right realtor to sell my home. Thanks Realty Trends!
Betty B., Lakewood

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